Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Easy Tips to Adopt a Greener Approach Towards Your Home

Choosing to go green is a simple decision and thankfully, simple steps follow it too. The only thing people get scared by is the cost, but that too gets recovered in a few years and then you experience no costs, only benefits. The benefits of living a green lifestyle are obvious and many. A planned and legally regulated green lifestyle is the ultimate savior for the sorry state of our planet. There are many things you can do toward this approach, some of which can be accomplished using home remedies too. Here are some easy and useful tips that you can adopt to make your house and lifestyle greener and increase the worth of your house too -

* Whenever you clean your home, make sure you use cleaners that are multipurpose, so that the one in the kitchen can also be used for the surfaces of your bathroom. This immediately reduces the use of chemicals in your house which also makes the environment a healthy place to live in. Use natural cleaners, like Vinegar and Baking Soda. Add lemon to vinegar to get rid of the strong smell. There are many green products in the market too that can replace your harmful antibacterial products and toxic cleaners.

* In a world where people love free stuff, it is hard to understand why more people have not yet installed solar panels. These would generate power for you out of a free energy source; the sun. Reduction of power usage can be achieved through the usage of electronic appliances that consume less energy.

* Location really is everything. Your house must be located and designed in a way that it receives the utmost amount of sunlight and does not have to depend on electricity for light.

* Paint your house with carbon-absorbing and eco-friendly paint, renew its look and keep it young for a much longer time than with the usage of regular toxic paints. Use a paint that is low on or has no Volatile Organic Compounds. These are bad news for your environment and also for women expecting a baby.

* Your floors can look better with bamboo rather than hardwood. Also they come in different shades, look just as beautiful and last longer too. Bamboo also has the stunning quality that helps it to grow two inches in an hour, which is a strong contrast to hardwood trees that take decades for their growth. People who love environment and are practical, clearly know which one to choose.

* Make a simple and beautiful garden and decorate your house. With this you can literally make it greener and grow healthy vegetables for your own consumption.

Make the greatest use of your environment without harming it or making any adverse impact on it. You must be able to save thirty percent of the energy to be called a green home. Start now and you will see the results instantly and the profits in a few years too.

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